The Problem

Global file search is difficult

File search faces a unique set of challenges beyond that of generic search infrastructure

  • Personalized search must reflect complex and ultra-granular file permissions
  • File updates, ACL updates, and file deletes must be relected quickly
  • Must scale to support thousands of users per company, each with possibly millions of files

Managing search infrastructure for files is a pain

  • Must develop complicated connectors to various data sources
  • Must scale services to millions of users while maintaining fast query performance
  • Requires constant development, patching and support

Search infrastructure is expensive

  • Requires a massive network of data crawlers
  • Without intelligent deduplication, storage of the index prohibitively expensive
  • Infrastructure must scale to ensure performance and security
DirectSearch Platform
DirectSearch CORE

Infrastructure for Global File Search

Search engine purpose-built for files

  • Personalized search results and recommendations
  • Out-of-the-box support for hundreds of filetypes
  • Normalize files across disparate file repositories and complex ACL structures

Smart search

  • Detects underlining relationships between people and files
  • Boosts search results based on context
  • Personalizes recommendations and search results for each user

Personalized search without massive infrastructure

  • Extremely efficient and flexible file ingestion and indexing
  • Smart deduplication reduces cost to store index
  • Real-time security binding ensures fast and accurate ACL enforcement
DirectSearch Connectors

Ingress data from disparate data sources

Lightweight crawlers, by design

  • Use our APIs to ingress data from any data source
  • DirectSearch CORE handles all the hard stuff like varying ACL structures
  • Connectors therefore remain lightweight, simple, and easy to manage

Super smart crawlers for on-prem, cloud, and SaaS

  • Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, email, Slack, Salesforce and more
  • On-premises connectors including CIFS/NFS
  • Built-in secure identity management

...or build your own crawlers

  • Integrate with existing idenity management solutions
  • Optimize crawlers for desired retention and scan latency
  • Flexible crawler models so no data source goes uncrawled
  • DirectSearch CORE handles all the hard stuff so the crawlers remain simple
DirectSearch UI

Beautiful file search interface

HTML5 web-based interface

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Easy user connector management
  • Full suite of file search features including filtering

...or embed directly inside your own application

  • Comprehensive developer APIs
  • Unleash the full power of DirectSearch CORE inside your application