Search one and done.

File search so fast and accurate, you'll actually use it. Search across all of your on-prem and cloud apps via a single unified search. Cloudtenna leverages machine learning to proactively rank the files most important to you.

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machine learning


Secure identity management


machine learning


Secure identitiy management

Search multiple repositories at once

Cloudtenna connects to the sources you use most. Our lightweight crawlers index content from many disparate data sources. We then seamlessly normalize the metadata and file permissions we collect to return you a single set of relevant search results.

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More than just simple keyword search

Cloudtenna understands the relationships between files and other files, files and people, and people and people. For example, if your boss touches a file, we know that file is likely relevant to you as well. With this knowledge, we create unique search algorithms tailored for each individual user.

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Your own personalized newsfeed

In addition to a search bar, Cloudtenna delivers a personalized activity feed, tailored specifically for each individual user, that curates and surfaces the relevant file updates most important to them.

Search accuracy trained by machine learning

Cloudtenna's search is lightyears beyond the legacy file search tools built into Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. Search results are ranked by our artificial intelligence engine using file metadata, natural language processing (NLP), and user activity history.

Up-to-date with the latest file changes

Our crawlers are optimized to find the latest file changes. Imagine if you performed a search, but the files you worked on earlier today didn’t show up. Or worse, imagine if you performed a search and saw files that you are no longer suppose to have permission to read.

High performance across billions of files

To ensure that Cloudtenna is working off the latest set of data, our machine learning performs data modeling in real-time. The ability to crunch that much data at the speeds necessary to provide this used to be a pipe dream but has recently become a reality with in-memory processing and “Fast Data.” Other search engines are forced to only update their search models on a daily or weekly basis.

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Security made possible by a revolutionary new identity management platform

Cloudtenna was built from the ground up as an enterprise product. Cloudtenna's identity management provides secure access to disparate services that use a wide range of authentication protocols. Cloudtenna authenticates with OAuth 2.0 and SAML via a new form of tokenization that does not require us to store usernames and passwords.

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How long does it take to set up?

You can be up and running in minutes. For cloud apps, simply login to each app you wish to search and grant search privileges to the Cloudtenna AI engine. For on-prem sources, our lightweight virtual appliance can be deployed behind your firewall in 30 minutes.

How do file permissions work?

Cloudtenna adheres to existing file permissions. So if an employee doesn't have permissions to see a file inside Dropbox, they won't see that file in their Cloudtenna search results either. To achieve this, Cloudtenna had to build rules engines for all the different proprietary file permissions used by different apps.

Do I have to migrate data to Cloudtenna?

No. Keep using the apps you know and love. Cloudtenna provides you with a birds-eye view of files across all of your favorite apps and data repositories. No changes to the files or file permissions necessary.

What apps does Cloudtenna connect with?

Cloudtenna searches on-premises file servers (CIFS/SMB), SharePoint and a host of cloud applications. Our goal is to search files across all the places that you store your files. If you use a data repository that we don't support, let us know and we'll try to add it!

How many files can Cloudtenna index?

Have a lot of files? We're built to scale and support billions of objects.

Can I exclude some files from search indexing?

Yes. Cloudtenna only searches repositories you grant it access to read. If you configure permissions to not grant the Cloudtenna scanner access to a set of files, those files will not be indexed and will not appear in search results.