Web-enable your file server

Add DirectShare

DirectShare by Cloudtenna works with your Windows File Server to add important new cloud features to traditional storage. It is powered by Cloudtenna's DirectCI platform.

For example, DirectShare makes it possible for Microsoft Office Online to work with your local data without you having to migrate files to the cloud.

The features your
file server is missing

Microsoft Office Online for your private file server

Live co-authoring

DirectShare by Cloudtenna makes it possible for Microsoft Office 365 to access local data without having to migrate files to cloud storage.

Cloudtenna Partners with Microsoft to Ease Office 365 Migration

Open files without installing software
Microsoft Office now runs in a web browser. With DirectShare, you can open files from your private file server.

Work together on the same file
Co-author documents in real-time. Easily add, respond to, and track comments and status updates on one version of the document.

Never get a file conflict again
Eliminate the need to lock files. Jim can make edits even if Sally already has the file open. No more blocking team members.

Easy remote access to on-premises files

Any device, anywhere
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A single universal repository
Cloud storage asks you to move files into their cloud. Files become scattered across the old repository and new cloud repository. DirectShare, instead, extends the file set already in place on your file server.

Device freedom
Continue using your network mapped drive on your laptop like you always have. Use the DirectShare apps to access files from new platforms like your iPhone, iPad, Android, and web browser.

No VPN required
Securely access files from anywhere. Its as easy as logging in with your standard Active Directory credentials. No additional usernames to remember, no complicated VPNs to setup.

Share on-premises files with external users

File sharing
Secure file sharing
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Share files via a simple weblink
Create a password-protected weblink to any file on your private file storage. No file size limits.

Invite guests to share folders
Working on a large projects with clients and partners? Invite them to a shared folder from your private file server.

Maintain ownership of your files
Share files without ever uploading files to the cloud. Your files stay safe, stored on your storage, behind your firewall.

10x faster file transfers

Fast file transfers
Lightning fast file transfers
Send large files
Send multi-gigabyte files in minutes. No file size restrictions

Latest and greatest technologies
FTP file transfers have not been updated since the Reagon era. DirectShare uses cutting edge protocals to maximize security and improve speed performance by up to 10x.

Quick Product Demos

Access your network shares from anywhere
Extend access to guests with simple weblinks
Collaborate with anyone without using the cloud
Maintain your existing file permissions
True AD/LDAP Authentication
Deploy in under 30 minutes

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